Last Updated:
29 Sep 2022

Colombia: 4th Generation Toll Road Program

PPP Brief

In the past decade, Colombia has seen remarkable economic growth. Per capita incomes have more than doubled to $2,424 per year in 2014, foreign direct investment inflows are now ten times what they were and the country is ranked highest in the World Bank’s Doing Business report amongst Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. However, public investment in infrastructure stands at a paltry 1.3 percent of GDP, the effects of which are manifest in its poor standing relative to LAC peer countries in infrastructure indices. The country is ranked 103 out of 140 in the Business Environment and Infrastructure Index of the World Economic Forum and, 130th out of 140 for transportation infrastructure. The Government of Colombia (GoC) has established the 4th Generation Roads Concession (4G) as one of the mainstays of its National Infrastructure Development
Plan 2014-2018.


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