Last Updated:
19 Jun 2019

Infrastructure Journal Infrastructure Investment Guide: Colombia

Author: Olivia Gagan, Vanessa Buendia

Long-standing perceptions of Colombia would perhaps have you believe that it is a country of fantastic natural wealth – in coffee and gold, in agriculture and in oil – but without the clear-headed direction and international clout to truly exploit these riches. Decades of political and economic unrest have led to doubts surrounding the country’s viability as a destination for long-term investment. Colombia’s new PPP programme looks set to usher in a new era of innovatively funded public and private projects that will change the face of the country. In the making of this report, Infrastructure Journal has spoken to those involved at every level in this step change – from government officials to bankers, to the specialist lawyers who helped draft the new regulations. What was unanimous from all of these experts was the belief that Colombia is a country on the rise – and that while challenges undoubtedly still exist for the country, its best years are yet to come. International studies and reports support this changing view of the country. And as Colombia’s global standing increases, so too has international investor interest in becoming a part of its infrastructure revolution.



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