Last Updated:
17 Jan 2021

Summary of Regulations for Unsolicited Bids

Author: PPPIRC

The legal regulations for providing public infrastructure through the Concessions Program are contained in several legal texts, but are found mainly in the Concessions Law and its accompanying Regulations. These regulate adjudication, execution, repair or maintenance of state public works given in concession. The process to manage unsolicited proposals is also contained in the main Concessions Law and the process details are found in secondary legislation .

In Chile, the line ministries have responsibility for managing the pubic-private partnerships transactions including any unsolicited proposals presented by the private sector. The specific initial procedures to manage unsolicited proposals are basically as follows:

Step 1: The private proponent first submits a preliminary presentation of the project to the appropriate agency/ministry which will assess whether the project serves a “public interest”

Step 2: If the project demonstrates an overall community benefit, then the proponent must present After a stipulated review period, the agency/ministry gives a preliminary response. During this review period, the agency/ministry may also request more information from the project proponent.

Step 3: If the preliminary project description is accepted, the proponent usually receives formal recognition for the project concept. At this point, the designated agency/ministry should have information on (i) the applicant’s role in the concessionaire company and ability to construct and/or operate the project, (ii) a technical feasibility study, (iii) a private investor’s financial feasibility study, (iv) the justification of project need, (v) and an environmental and/or other social impact study.