Last Updated:
27 May 2020

Case Studies of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships around the World

Author: US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

This report provides a fundamental understanding of PPP approaches and their potential consequences on project time, cost, and quality, and presents the results of actual PPP projects performed in several countries around the world through a series of case studies and cameo descriptions. The projects selected for case study vary in type and maturity, and cover the range of private sector involvement associated with different PPP approaches used in selected countries. Each case study explores the reasons why the sponsoring agency elected to pursue the project as a PPP, the structure of the partnership, the nature of project financial and delivery responsibilities, and the issues and impediments that confronted members of the PPP team and how they addressed them to move the project forward.The case studies also present the results and lessons learned from using the PPP approach applied to each project. These case studies are intended to inform the reader about challenges and opportunities encountered by international practitioners of PPP approaches to project financing anddelivery.This report focuses on PPP applications to transportation projects in England, Australia, New Zealand,Hong Kong, India, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, and Argentina. The report also presents an overview of the PPP programs in England and Australia, including brief cameo descriptions of PPP projects in Australia and New Zealand that demonstrate the variety of project types involved, PPP approaches applied, and results achieved.



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