Last Updated:
23 Feb 2020

Share Infrastructure, Expand the Internet

Emerging best practices demonstrate the power of partnerships Author: Siddhartha Raja, Tenzin Norbhu, Carlo Rossotto

From Handshake Issue #15: Connectivity

Utilities that share their infrastructures will help reduce the costs and time to deploy telecommunications networks. Governments that create an enabling environment and support partnerships to share infrastructure will help to expand the reach of the Internet, connecting more people to economic and knowledge opportunities around the world.

Connecting to cyberspace requires an immense physical infrastructure. The telecom networks on which the Internet runs are built using thousands of miles of fiber optic cables—overland and submarine—and hundreds of towers carrying antennas. So expanding the reach of the Internet implies significant civil works to create ducts and towers that carry those cable and antennas. Estimates are that civil works make up more than half of the cost of building networks.



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