Last Updated:
19 Jan 2022

PPIAF Supports the Institutional and Policy Environment for PPPs in Jordan

PPIAF has supported the Government of Jordan to improve the institutional and policy environment for public-private partnerships (PPPs). The objective is to provide the enabling conditions for the development of a PPP program that seeks to improve and expand access to infrastructure services to the people of Jordan. The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) provided funding in 2013 to support the definition and establishment of a PPP Unit within the Ministry of Finance, provide recommendations to improve the legal and regulatory framework for PPPs, draft a PPP policy, and identify a pipeline of priority PPP projects. As a result of the PPIAF support, the PPP Unit has been established based on the recommended organizational structure. In addition, a new PPP Law passed through Parliament and was ratified on November 2, 2014.