Last Updated:
18 Oct 2021

Senegal: Dakar Toll Road Extension

Multilateral Development Banks’ Collaboration: Infrastructure Investment Project Briefs

The Government of Senegal awarded SENAC S.A. the concession to design, build, finance and operate the expansion of the existing Dakar toll road. This expansion will connect central Dakar with the new international airport as well as to other important economic zones of the country, spurring economic growth, employment and new opportunities that contribute to poverty reduction by facilitating transport between key infrastructure and outlying areas with the capital city. A €76 million debt financing package supported SENAC. The financing was provided by the African Development Bank, CBAO (a major Senegalese commercial bank), IFC and the West African Development Bank. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is supporting the project through a guarantee supporting a swap between Standard Bank Plc and the government.


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