Concessions Unit, Ministry of Public Works, Chile

The website for the Concessions Unit in the Ministry of Public Works in Chile.

In the early nineties, Chile opened its doors to international markets and opportunities for investment in public infrastructure through the concession system, based on a partnership between the State and private (APP) which allowed the development of important changes in road and airport connectivity. 

Historically, development and maintenance of public infrastructure in Chile was executed as afiscal investment by the Ministry of public Works (MOP), through its different directions and departments. With this new partnership, first it became involve the private sector in the process of investment, operation and maintenance of infrastructure specific standard, in exchange for the direct collection of user fees or activation of subsidies. 

The Concession System , which began to be implemented in Chile since 1993, he became a leading global example, allowing up to December 2014 have works realized by US $ 15,091 MM.