Last Updated:
5 Apr 2020

Financing and Funding Kenyan PPPs – Emerging Trends and Issues

This is a joint initiative of the World Bank Group and the PPP Unit Kenya. PPP projects of all sizes have faced challenges securing commercial financing. Governments have therefore attempted to improve the bankability of projects using key support instruments in the form of equity, debt, grants, guarantees, fiscal incentives, and specific contract clauses based on project needs. Often governments do this on a case-by-case basis through customized solutions, and it can also be done by preparing frameworks and standard operating procedures for the use of these instruments. All of these instruments, particularly grants and guarantees, can be powerful mechanisms of risk sharing provided they are used judiciously. This webinar will look at the role of tolls, viability gap financing, and other forms of funding and financing required to make PPPs in Kenya successful. There will be a focus on issues in financing and funding Kenya’s flagship PPP projects in the transport and social sectors.


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