Last Updated:
30 Mar 2020

The Use of Islamic Debt in Energy Sector Projects

This is a joint initiative of the World Bank Group and the Islamic Development Bank.

In many Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries, an increasing number of PPP infrastructure projects are being jointly financed by conventional and Islamic banks. While these projects bring together conventional and Islamic tranches, one frequently asked question is: how are these two financing classes integrated in a single project?

In this webinar, we will discuss the case of a typical IPP project where both conventional and Islamic banks are present as lenders. The case will present the transaction structure and the documentation involved in the structure that put together these two types of lenders in one transaction. While presenting the transaction structure, this webinar will also discuss the case of security sharing, treatment of some conventional fees by the Islamic banks, lenders’ decision-making processes, and the specifics of mobilizing Islamic finance.

The webinar will discuss the Ijara (leasing) mode of financing, as this is the predominant mode of financing used by Islamic banks for funding IPP projects.


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