Last Updated:
7 Dec 2021

AIIB Environmental and Social Framework

The objectives of this Environmental and Social Framework are to: 1. Reflect institutional aims to address environmental and social risks and impacts in Projects (defined below in paragraph 5 of the ESP). 2. Provide a robust structure for managing operational and reputational risks of the Bank and its shareholders in relation to Projects’ environmental and social risks and impacts. 3. Ensure the environmental and social soundness and sustainability of Projects. 4. Support integration of environmental and social aspects of Projects into the decisionmaking process by all parties. 5. Provide a mechanism for addressing environmental and social risks and impacts in Project identification, preparation and implementation. 6. Enable Clients (defined below in paragraph 5 of the ESP) to identify and manage environmental and social risks and impacts of Projects, including those of climate change. 7. Provide a framework for public consultation and disclosure of environmental and social information in relation to Projects. 8. Improve development effectiveness and impact to increase results on the ground, both short- and long-term. 9. Support Clients, through Bank financing of Projects, to implement their obligations under national environmental and social legislation (including under international agreements adopted by the member) governing these Projects. 10. Facilitate cooperation on environmental and social matters with development partners