Last Updated:
28 Oct 2021

Initiative for Risk Mitigation

Needs Assessment for Risk Mitigation in Africa: Demands and Solutions

The objective of the study is to assess risk mitigation needs and possible solutions, advancing investment in Africa. The terms of reference (TOR) state that the study is to: “… generate a ‘map’ of the needs of investors into North-Africa for guarantees and other risk mitigation instruments, and more generally into the Continent as a whole, over the next three years. This includes both sovereign and non-sovereign guarantees, and covers both short term and long term tenors. The ‘map’ provided will identify gaps in the provision of guarantee and risk mitigation products for investors – and help clarify the needs of investors in the current investment climate.” The study results underline the significant demand for risk mitigation in African countries and the need to scale up a wide array of risk mitigation instruments, services, and processes that will serve to accelerate private sector investment throughout the continent.