Last Updated:
19 Oct 2021

Basic Plan for Public Private Partnerships

The Basic Plan for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects is published by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) in an effort to introduce not only the goals and objectives of the PPP system, but ways and means to participate in PPP projects in a great detail. 

The Basic Plan is important for potential ppp project participants for the reasons as follows: First it descrubes PPP policy directions for a particular year, given expected changes in PPP markets and government budgetary situations. Secondly it specifies eligiable projects and programs in a great detail - both solicited and unsolicited ones. It also sets guidelines for the local governments and other public entities to adhere to when they rely on PPPs for the provision of basic infrastructure services as mecessary. Thirdly it elicits step-by-step procedures that potential participants and financiers must follow through in order to secure government approvals. And finally it also defines and specifies various subsidies, financial and otherwise, necessary to promote PPP projects. The type and level of subsidy depends on the degree to which such a project is in demand.