Last Updated:
29 Sep 2022

Guidance on PPP Contractual Provisions 2017: Feedback & Responses

The complexity of public-private partnership (PPP) transactions often means that considerable time and expense is involved in preparing and finalizing the contract. This has led many stakeholders to ask for standardized provisions in such contracts to allow for a quicker and less expensive drafting process. Given the variety of PPP transactions and legal systems, as well as the need for "tailor-made" provisions, the development of fully standardized PPP contracts is not feasible.

However, it is possible to standardize certain contractual provisions that are found in virtually every PPP contract. To this end, the World Bank Group (WBG) developed, in 2015, the Report on Recommended PPP Contractual Provisions, which sets out language for a selection of these typically encountered provisions. The current Guidance document is based on that report and takes into account the feedback received during internal and external consultations with all relevant stakeholders, including governments and private sector parties.

This document contains only the feedback and responses received during the consultation process. The Guidance document can be found under ID #2903.