Last Updated:
5 Aug 2020

Global Infrastructure Outlook

Infrastructure investment need in the Compact with Africa countries

This update to the Global Infrastructure Outlook provides much-needed new data about the infrastructure requirements in 10 African countries. These countries are participating in the G20 Compact with Africa (CWA), an ambitious yet practical effort to substantially increase investment in these countries. The Global Infrastructure Hub is pleased to contribute this new information to support the CWA, by identifying infrastructure investment needs in seven sectors over the next 25 years.

Supporting these investment needs will make significant headway into lifting the prosperity of all 10 CWA countries. This report considers what investment is required across seven sectors, and what is likely to occur, based on a range of factors such as a country’s historic spending levels, and how its population and economy is changing–hence identifying investment gaps. This report also considers the investment needed to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals for universal access to clean drinking water, sanitation and electricity by 2030.