Last Updated:
16 May 2021

Enabling Health Technology in Emerging Markets

A briefing paper from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Health Technology Think Tank discussion at the 2019 Global Private Healthcare Conference

IFC’s Global Private Healthcare Conference took place in March 2019, with a primary aim to spark discussion and drive action around the private health sector and its role in meeting critical challenges in emerging markets. The theme of the 2019 conference was Disrupting the Present, Building the Future—Embracing Innovation to Deliver Results. Alongside this conference, invited thought leaders, healthcare operators and service providers, government representatives, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors gathered for a think tank session to discuss some of the most pressing challenges, trends and opportunities related to health technology and data in emerging markets. This briefing paper reflects key themes and important points from the discussion that took place, and leverages additional insights, research, and analysis to explore the potential of health technologies in emerging markets.