Last Updated:
17 Jan 2022

Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific

Road Transport, Electricity, and Water & Sanitation Services in East Asia, South Asia & the Pacific Islands

This report provides an overview of infrastructure provision in three key economic sectors—road transport, electricity, and water and sanitation—as an initial step towards building a more extensive body of knowledge on the health of infrastructure provision worldwide. Geographically, this report focuses on two of the world’s fastest growing regions, East Asia and Pacific (EAP) and South Asia (SAR), which also account for approximately 35.8 percent of the world’s extreme poor. This geographic focus is motivated by recognition of significant infrastructure development needs, particularly in South Asia, coupled with the availability of fairly extensive data across countries.

This report goes beyond appraising coverage levels of infrastructure services in Asia, by also providing a selection of indicators that serve as proxies of multiple dimensions of infrastructure quality. To inform national, regional, and multilateral efforts to close infrastructure gaps and improve quality of services, this report reviews the status of infrastructure in the road-transport, electricity, and water-and-sanitation sectors across countries in EAP and SAR. From a policy perspective, key questions include: Who receives infrastructure services, and at what level of reliability, quality and affordability? Additionally, how efficiently are these services delivered?