Last Updated:
7 Aug 2022

Improving Paratransit in Maseru and Gaborone: Using Innovative Data Techniques in a Diagnostic Approach to Inform Strategy

This report aims to advance the understanding of how to improve urban mobility in cities in SSA through building incrementally on the existing paratransit sector, informed by innovative data techniques and data-driven diagnostics. It is based on assessments of paratransit undertaken in Gaborone and Maseru, the capital cities and main economic centers of Botswana and Lesotho respectively; and aims to identity short-term, practical initiatives to improve mobility in these cities. This report summarizes the outcome of an in-field data collection in the project cities; documents paratransit sector assessment to deepen the understanding of mobility demand, constraints and conditions, and the operating environment and issues faced by the paratransit sector within the cities of Maseru and Gaborone; and proposes recommendations in policy, regulations, infrastructure and services in consideration of the local context.