What is the PPP Reference Guide?

What is in the PPP Reference Guide?

The Reference Guide provides the most relevant examples and resources on key PPP topics and helps readers navigate the substantial body of knowledge that has been generated across the world by practitioners from governments, international development institutions, academia, and the private sector. It is not a toolkit or a step-by-step guidebook; nor does it cover the specifics of PPPs in any given country or sector. Rather, the Reference Guide aims to help government officials and other interested parties in answering following questions:

  • What are PPPs, and why use them?
  • What kind of policy, legal, and institutional framework is need to ensure PPPs achieve their stated objectives efficiently and effectively?
  • What is the process for developing and implementing a PPP project?

To better cover the range of topics which impact PPPs, the third edition includes new sections such as stakeholder communication and engagement, environmental and social due diligence, and climate change. Additional relevant sections include municipal PPPs and private participation in fragile and conflict-affected states.

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Who should use the Reference Guide?

This Reference Guide targets government officials who wish to improve their knowledge of PPPs. Other parties, including civil society organizations, private sector participants, universities, or other readers will find different parts of this Reference Guide useful at different times. The Reference Guide is part synthesis and part bibliography. As such, it may be useful for both the newcomer to the PPP area looking for a structured introduction to key PPP topics, and the expert who may find additional references in some specific area.

To download the PDF of the complete Guide, please click here.

Relevant resources

Those who wish to educate themselves on PPPs more thoroughly will find the APMG PPP Certification Guide (APMG 2016) a useful resource. Examples of well-formulated PPP manuals and toolkits are the South Africa PPP Manual (ZA 2004a), the Caribbean PPP Toolkit (Caribbean 2017), and the World Bank sectoral toolkits (WB 2016f)—for instance, the toolkit on roadways (WB 2009a).