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Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships 2018 is designed to help governments improve their PPP regulatory quality. By benchmarking the regulatory frameworks of economies around the world a
ADB’s new publication shows how governments and their development partners can use PPPs to promote more inclusive and sustainable growth. The study finds that successful PPP projects are predicated on
This guide reviews the necessary steps to successfully engage and manage a public-private partnership (PPP) from the early stages. It presents a framework that highlights the requirements, options, and
A growing number of governments are interested in partnering with the private sector to provide public infrastructure assets and services. The PPP Reference Guide aims to assist them. The Guide tackles
This toolkit has been produced to help community groups to develop renewable energy projects. 'Groups' may be an informal collection of like-minded individuals wishing to start something in their commu
PPIAF Annual Report 2018 provides the reader with a qualitative cross-section of the breadth and width of PPIAF’s portfolio of activities, with snapshots of specific achievements to illustrate the impa
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SOURCE enables governments to rapidly develop well-prepared infrastructure projects with consistency and transparency across sectors. The tool helps gather and synthesize data to enhance the quality of
Deep reforms of the Philippine power sector began in 2001, aiming at competitive wholesale and retail markets. This case study analyzes the Philippine experience with wholesale electricity markets at t
The Peruvian power market was established in 1992, amid serious supply constraints and financially distressed power utilities. Since its inception, the market has been adapted by competitive market ref
The Colombian power market was established in 1995, driven primarily by concerns about the reliability of supply in the largely hydro-based domestic power system. The power sector reform was expected t
This report aims to shift the debate regarding investment needs away from a simple focus on spending more and toward a focus on spending better on the right objectives, using relevant metrics. It does
The 2018 Global Infrastructure Forum (GI Forum), the third since its establishment as part of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, built on the previous forums. Its g