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One of the most common, but least written about, public policy instruments implemented by governments to encourage private finance has been the establishment of Public Infrastructure Funds (PIFs). At t
A growing number of governments are interested in partnering with the private sector to provide public infrastructure assets and services. The PPP Reference Guide aims to assist them. The Guide tackles
This brochure gives an update on the PPIAF's program on PPPs Institutional Capacity Building in the UEMOA Region. The initiative aimed at will help create an institutional architecture enabling the dev
Since 2011, PPIAF has assisted the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) to attract private-sector investment in the country’s greenfield container-port terminal in Tibar Bay, outside the capital city, Dili
The Toolkit is a reference guide for public authorities in developing countries for the development of PPP (public-private partnership) programs in the highways sector, particularly in assisting in PPP
This report analyzes barriers to and opportunities for private sector participation in district heating (DH) in the Western Balkan countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, and Serbia, as w
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Benchmarking Infrastructure Development 2020 Benchmarking Infrastructure Development 2020 builds on the success of the Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018, which focused specifically on PPPs. It upda
This report Public-Private Partnerships in Land Administration: Analytical and Operational Frameworks was developed to address knowledge gaps, advance the thinking on how PPPs can be implemented in lan