Last Updated:
19 Sep 2019

PPP Projects in Infrastructure (India)


According to World Bank data on Private Participation in Infrastructure, India has been the top recipient of Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) activity during 2008-12. India alone accounted for almost half of the investment in new PPI projects in developing countries during 2011. A World Bank Report Secretariat for PPP & Infrastructure 4 Compendium maintained that India remained the largest market for PPI in the developing world. Information on the status of PPP projects has been compiled as on March 31, 2013 in the three categories viz. completed projects, projects under implementation and projects in the pipeline. While the completed and under implementation projects signify the scale of success of the PPP programme, information on a large number of projects in pipeline suggests opportunities for investors in various sectors across the country. The report is being published with a view to documenting the present status of PPP initiatives and for disseminating information aimed at further acceleration in the award of PPP concessions for development of infrastructure.



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