Last Updated:
18 Sep 2021

National Public Private Partnership Guidelines - Volume 2: Practitioners’ Guide, Australia

The Practitioners’ Guide is one of the detailed guidance documents that form part of the Guidelines. It provides guidance to government departments and agencies across jurisdictions on how PPP processes should be implemented in a consistent manner.

The Practitioners’ Guide is specifically drafted to apply to the implementation of a project from the point of a government decision to proceed with a project as a PPP. It does not attempt to address issues related to the process for government approval of the project or the process for assessing different procurement options.

Once government has approved the project to proceed as a PPP, the Procuring Agency must deliver the project consistent with these Guidelines. However, given these Guidelines must be applied to a wide range of different types of projects, there may be cases where it is appropriate to depart from the processes set out in these Guidelines. Where this is the case the Relevant PPP Authority should be consulted about any departures.