Last Updated:
17 Feb 2020

Australian National PPP Guidelines Volume 4: Public Sector Comparator Guidance

Australian governments are committed to investing in infrastructure and delivering improved services to the community. Infrastructure investment is critical to our economic prosperity, and governments across jurisdictions currently seek the participation of the private sector in the delivery of infrastructure and related services to the public. Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) arrangements are one way of delivering infrastructure investment.

The National PPP Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) have been prepared and endorsed by Infrastructure Australia and the State, Territory and Commonwealth Governments as an agreed framework for the delivery of PPP projects. The guidelines provide a framework that enables both the public and private sectors to work together to improve public service delivery through private sector provision of infrastructure and related non-core services.

These Guidelines set a framework for the procurement of PPPs on a national basis, and apply across State, Territory, and Commonwealth arrangements.

As a general principle, it is expected that a high degree of uniformity and agreement has been achieved in these Guidelines. However, specific requirements of individual jurisdictions, where different or in addition to the Guidelines, will be detailed in Jurisdictional Requirements documents. These will need to be read in conjunction with the Guidelines to detail the framework relevant for the procurement of PPP projects in individual jurisdictions.

Further guidance on how these Guidelines are to be applied to PPP projects within individual jurisdictions (in terms of when the guidelines will need to be adopted) is detailed in the National PPP Policy Framework.