Last Updated:
21 Feb 2020

Public-Private Partnerships in Education

New Actors and Modes of Governance in a Globalizing World Author: Susan L. Robertson, Aantoni Verger, Karen Mundy and Francine Menashy

This book brings together both academics and researchers from a variety of international organizations and aid agencies to explore the complexities of public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a resurgent, hybrid mode of educational governance that operates across scales, from the community to the global.

The contributors expertly study the different types of partnership arrangements and critique the value of PPPs. Some chapters explore how PPPs, as a policy idea, have been constructed in transnational agendas for educational development and circulated globally, whilst other chapters explore the role and implications of PPPs in developing countries, providing arguments for and against an expanding reliance on PPPs in national educational systems.



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