Last Updated:
21 Feb 2020

Non-State Providers and Public-Private Partnerships in Education for the Poor

Author: Norman LaRocque and Sena Lee

As part of a joint initiative to enhance understanding of the political, legal and institutional mechanisms needed for improving state and non-state engagement in basic service delivery, UNICEF’s East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) and the ADB organized a regional workshop in April 2010. The workshop aimed to enhance the knowledge, capacity and expertise of practitioners working in health, education, water and sanitation sectors as well as of key government officials (e.g., ministries of health, education, finance) to support processes for engaging NSPs, and developing PPPs in the delivery of basic services. This report came into fruition as part of this collaboration, and it is our hope that it will help inform policy interventions and systems for advancing access to, and the quality of, basic services for the benefit of those children most in need.



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