Last Updated:
21 Feb 2020

India: Energy-Efficient Street Lighting

Implementation and Financing Solutions

There has been a clear need for energy-efficient technologies that could be applicable in the municipal street lighting sector. This manual is written with the objective of supporting the preparation and implementation of street lighting projects in India, using performance contracting and other Public Private Partnership-based delivery approaches.

This manual draws upon global best practices, including practices that have been tried and proposed within India and South Asia; and draws from their failures and successes to document the major lessons learned. The manual should be useful for its readers for assessing options and developing practical solutions for scaling up the implementation of large street lighting programs in cities and municipalities.

The contents of this manual are designed to act as a practical resource to support industry players, such as equipment suppliers and energy service providers, and government authorities to implement energy efficiency (EE) projects in urban street lighting. This manual has been designed according to the requirements and constraints specific to India. However, many of its recommendations may be applicable across urban local bodies (ULBs) and municipalities in other countries.



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