Last Updated:
19 Jun 2019

IFC Public Private Partnerships Seminar: Ports Overview, Assessment and Recommendations for Improvement

The International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), a member of the World Bank Group, has developed a series of systematic learning events on Public-Private Partnerships (“PPP”s). These learning events will target government officials with the aim of developing a greater understanding of PPP‟s, building capacity, and encouraging them to implement their own successful PPP programs in their respective countries. The most recent seminar, and third in the series, was held in Cairo on the 12th – 13th of April 2010 and focused on the port sector. The seminar was targeted towards high-level government officials from African and Middle Eastern countries with the aim of providing an educational forum on approaches to PPP‟s in the port sector, as well as to highlight different approaches to encourage and engage the private sector in infrastructure development.

Following a brief summary of the content of the presentations, an overview of the main discussions undertaken is addressed. This is followed by a review of the feedback made by participants and how well the seminar was structured and conducted to achieve its learning objectives. The report concludes with recommendations on how future seminars could be improved to further enhance participant learning.



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