Last Updated:
20 May 2019

Success Stories and Lessons Learned from Public-Private Partnership Projects in Korea

PPP is a topic of great interest to G20 nations, as partnerships between the public and private sectors provide a way of taking into account both the nature of infrastructure investment as a public good and improvements to efficiency. In many countries, however, factors such as the technical complexity of the implementation process and political conflicts (over, for example, the selection of user fees) have posed an obstacle to the pursuit of PPP projects. The sharing of experiences—the different successes and failures of the member nations—in order to reduce trial and error has been perceived as a crucial component.

In keeping with that trend, this study attempts to analyze the PPP system in Korea and outstanding examples of its implementation, using the findings to highlight concrete factors needed to successfully implement PPP projects. In addition to providing guidelines that can be adopted voluntarily to suit different country environments.


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