Last Updated:
19 Aug 2019

NDC Support Facility

The NDC Support Facility is a multi-donor trust fund created and designed to facilitate the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) pledged by countries under the Paris Agreement in 2015. Activities are implemented in close coordination with and in support of the country engagement process of the NDC Partnership, a growing global coalition of developed and developing countries and international institutions, including the World Bank Group, working together to mobilize financial and technical support to achieve ambitious climate goals and enhance sustainable development.

Managed by the World Bank Group, the NDC Support Facility is the Group’s newest climate trust fund, helping its teams and developing client countries implement climate change targets laid out in the NDCs. The grants provided by the Facility contribute to a host of activities such as enhancing capacity building, strengthening climate-relevant analytics, improving coordination among development actors and maximizing financial leverage for in-country climate action.