Last Updated:
16 Nov 2019

The Government Policy for the Development of PPPs in Poland

Author: Ministry of Economic Development, Poland

Developing infrastructure and providing public services that meet society’s expectations are key elements in the economic development of Poland and public-private partnerships (PPPs) are one tool that can be used to deliver them. To ensure the effective development of PPPs in Poland, the Polish Government will take a series of actions aimed at increasing the scale of infrastructure investment and, at the same time, ensuring their optimisation and benefits for the public interest. Actions also need to be taken to support public authorities in preparing and implementing PPP projects. The need to develop the use of PPP is emphasised in the “Strategy for Responsible Development”. The Strategy identifies a need to involve private sector experience in managing and maintaining infrastructure and preparing and implementing projects, as well as private sector capital, in the delivery of public activities. The underlying context is that society expects wider availability, and an increasing quality, of services offered by the public sector



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