Last Updated:
7 Apr 2020

PPP Risk Allocation Tool 2019 Edition - Transport

As part of its leading practices mandate, the GI Hub has developed an update to its PPP Risk Allocation Tool originally published in 2016. As was the case with the 2016 version, the new PPP Risk Allocation Tool 2019 Edition contains a set of annotated risk allocation matrices for PPP transactions addressing the risks and issues on a sector by sector basis. The PPP Risk Allocation Tool 2019 Edition contains matrices showing the allocation of risks as between the public and private partners in typical PPP transactions for 19 different types of projects, including both economic infrastructure (such as transport, energy, telecommunications and water projects) and social infrastructure (such as school and hospital projects). For each sector, there is also an identification of key risk areas and a discussion of risk allocation trends.

This guidance tool is aimed to be used in conjunction with the World Bank’s Guidance on PPP Contractual Provisions 2019 Edition.